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New Construction
                                                             Unprotected and severely neglected windows                                                                 With great skill and a variety of techniques,                                                                                                                                           this glass was completely restored to clarity!


The most critical cleaning of your windows is always the first one. The potential damage to glass during this early period can be expensive and difficult to resolve. Problems can occur during fabrication, transportation and installation, as well as exposure to the construction environment, and unqualified construction cleaning.


Paint, stain, lacquer, plaster, stucco, texture, cement and other masonry substance, tape, window manufacturer stickers, adhesive residue, and silicone residue are all examples of debris and over spray that commonly come in contact with windows (glass, frames, and tracks) during new construction and remodel work. Most of these substances are meant to go on a surface permanently, and though your window’s glass was not the intended surface, it is often a casualty of the process.

Post construction window cleaning service is then required, as general maintenance window cleaning techniques will not remove this debris from the glass. Post construction window cleaning is a very specialized window cleaning trade. Removal of these substances requires not only proper tools, chemicals and a unique skill set, but also thorough knowledge of today's glass technology, different varieties, and potential glass quality issues. The sooner this is done, the better, even if construction has not yet been completed. In fact, it is often advisable to schedule more than one cleaning throughout the construction process.

To ensure your new glass may be enjoyed for years to come, the IWCA (International Window Cleaners Association) strongly advises having the glass cleaned by a professional window cleaner only! Contractors and homeowners alike should require license, insurance, and certification from a window cleaner the same as any other contracted worker. With the countless problems that always seem to arise during new construction it is important to stay away from glass cleaning performed by anyone not fully qualified.


Through years of experience, training, and research in cooperation with trade organizations and manufacturers, our team specializes in these areas of window cleaning.  Though considerably more labor intensive, time consuming and costly, we proudly go to great lengths to protect and minimize any further potential damage to the windows in your new home and to restore them to the quality you expect and deserve. And we welcome the opportunity to be considered for your regular maintenance window cleaning and pressure washing needs in the future!